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The Range Of Cisk Beers - Farsonsdirect Malta

The Range Of Cisk Beers

All the Cisk Beers 

Learn about the selection of Cisk Beers across Malta. Understand the different tastes and check which one would suit you best with different foods and meals. Cisk is without  a doubt the most known local beer with lots of international recognition.

Cisk Lager

The original Cisk Lager Beer is a golden-coloured, bottom-fermented lager with a distinctive and well-balanced character. Its rich hop aroma and pleasant bitterness has made it the natural choice and thirst quencher for beer drinkers who want to savour the original brew which has remained faithful to its recipe of 1929.

Food pairing with: Barbecue and Fresh shellfish

 cisk lager

Cisk Excel

Malta’s first low-carbohydrate lager beer, Cisk Excel retains both the original Cisk Lager taste and the same alcohol level but with 50% less carbs. Within a year of launch, in 2007, Cisk Excel was voted the best low-carb beer at the World Beer Awards in the UK. Cisk Excel easily rivals the mother brand in popularity and is available in bottles, cans and draught.

Food pairing with: Fresh fish, Shell fish and Poultry

 cisk excel bottle

Cisk Pilsner

Cisk Pilsner is a premium pilsner brewed to exacting specifications using only the finest Pilsen malt and Noble hops of the Saaz variety. Cisk Pilsner is different from other pilsners because of its higher alcoholic strength, and its remarkably crisp yet full bodied flavour with just the right amount of lingering bitterness resulting in the perfect balance and unmistakable classic pilsner taste.

Food pairing with: Fresh cheeses; Goat’s cheese & Fresh mozzarella: Fish dishes; Smoked salmon & Steamed shellfish: Light pasta dishes: Risottos cooked with a creamy sauce: Sweet and Spicy rich flavoured meats and poultry

 Cisk Pilsner

Cisk Chill

Cisk Chill’s refreshing and fruity flavours make it especially delicious during the summer heat when complementing fish and shellfish dishes. Owing to its easy drinking characteristic it is perfect as an aperitif or dessert beer. Cisk Chill comes in different flavours:

Cisk Chill Lemon

cisk chill ginger and lime

 cisk chill berry

Cisk Export

Cisk Export is distinguished by its light golden colour and its lively, dense white head. Its well-balanced character, resulting from its rich hop aroma and delicate astringency, makes it a smooth-tasting, multiple award-winning premium lager of excellent quality.

Cisk Export has become the brand ambassador for the Cisk family beyond the Maltese shores. Being available in Italy, Japan and Cameroon, Cisk Export is our most widely exported brand.


Cisk Strong

Cisk Strong is an outstanding strong premium lager brewed from barley malt, with a full-bodied flavour and a distinct sweet taste. With an alcoholic strength of 9%, its subtle bitterness and fresh fruity aroma make this high-gravity beer an ideal accompaniment to meats and savory foods.

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